Ease & Flow: Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing

Do you ever feel lost for words?

You can feel your ideas prickling away at the back of your mind. Stories that you are yearning to tell, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Somewhere between your brain and the page in front of you your words evaporate into thin air.

Text image that reads Ease and Flow. Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing. 40 pages of ideas, prompts and exercises to help you build a writing practice that inspires your creativity

I think we all know how frustrating this feels. 

When my son was born I went from working on a busy science news desk, writing hundreds of words every day, to nothing. Maybe the occasional lengthy text message. As I slowly emerged from the postpartum fog and started to explore my creativity again, for the first time in my life I found myself at a complete loss for words.

As I set out to reconnect with my writing and my creativity two words, two simple principles kept bubbling up to the surface: ease and flow.

I think of ease as the the strength, the foundation for your writing. Ease is writing without difficulty or effort, the feeling of never being “lost for words”. Ease comes from practice, but more importantly from practice that is sustainable and inspirational for you. Flow is what you build on those foundations, how you channel your creative strength into telling stories. Finding your flow is a process of connecting with your voice and your creativity.

And so this book, Ease & Flow: Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing, was born.

Through this guide I want to help you nurture a writing practice around these principles. I firmly believe that developing your own relationship with the ease and flow of your writing can be a powerful first step to creating beautiful work that better reflects you as a person.

Whatever your approach to writing, whether you are working in prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, I wrote this guide to help you develop and hone a writing practice that nurtures and inspires your creativity. One that works for you, that suits your life and your energy, and that will bring you confidence with your written words.

Ease & Flow

Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing

What is Ease & Flow all about?

Ease & Flow is a self-guided process to help you develop a writing practice that challenges you, nurtures your creativity, and pushes you to create beautiful work that reflects you as a writer and a creative.

Through a range of prompts, journalling questions, and exercises, Ease & Flow will help you to:

  • Begin to develop a regular rhythm for your writing. Time and space that is entirely yours for your creative work;
  • Move past the fear of a blank page and start to write. And write, and write, and write some more;
  • Encourage you to think about what makes compelling writing, and to begin to read with your writing in mind;
  • Explore your motivations for writing;
  • Find and develop your voice as a writer; and
  • Plan, write, and edit your work.

I created this book to share everything I have ever found helpful in my career as a journalist, a communicator, and a blogger, and to be a gentle friend to help you on your way to producing your best creative work. I want to help you get around the fear of a blank page, and just start writing. We will look at how to build and commit to a regular writing practice that brings forth creative work that you love.

Ease & Flow

Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing

Ease & Flow is for you if:

  • You want to write. And write and write. You feel the creative fire to work with words;
  • You ready to use words to tell stories, to explore ideas and connect with others, or to give voice to your deepest thoughts;
  • You’re looking for gentle support and advice to help you find your voice as a writer;
  • You want to feel confident in your words, finding the language you need whenever you need it;
  • You’re ready to find rhythm in your creative work;
  • And have some fun while doing it!

Ease & Flow

Simple Ways to Find Rhythm in Your Writing

If you want to know if Ease & Flow is a good fit for you, you can read my writing on my blog, or sign up for my monthly Afternoon Stories newsletter, to see if my approach and style works for you.