WIPs and shame

I made a slightly shameful discovery this weekend.

For a few spare hours I sat on the floor of our study and lovingly sorted my stash of fabrics and yarns into a new home. Fabrics were carefully rolled and sorted into dress lengths and leftovers, and yarn was wound and sorted. Inevitably I found a few WIPs in there; projects that, for whatever reason, never really took off. Nothing so very bad in that. But here’s the shameful part: among my WIPS are three half finished hand knit sweaters. Three.

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Howdy doody internet chums, how are we all doing today? Today’s blog post is a bit of a chatty ramble. As usual it is Sunday afternoon, I’ve got my current favourite podcast playing (A Playful Day), and as well as plotting this blog post I’m also making a list of craft projects. Finally. Watch out 2016, I’ve got a to do list for you.

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Getting Koselig

At this time of year my catchphrase is cosy.

Actually, scrap that. At any time of year I like being cosy. My default mode of existence is beneath a pile of blankets, peeping out suspiciously at the cold world outside like a slightly myopic hedgehog. And what better excuse for buying and making new blankets than moving to a big, old, drafty Edwardian house?

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