The mother of all hangovers

So Blogtacular was yesterday. I got up at 7.15am for a train to London at 7.50am, and a full twelve hours later stumbled back out of the train station carrying more bags than I started with, barely coherent, and clutching a wooden spatula bearing the command “Paint Everything”. I was swiftly scooped up by the waiting husband and posted into the car with a bag of takeaway dinner. This morning I woke up at the crack of sparrow fart with an overwhelming urge to Write All The Things.

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California photo diary #2 | Sobriety and rattlesnakes in Sonoma

A couple of hours north of San Francisco lies Sonoma Valley. Slightly less famous perhaps than its wealthy neighbour Napa, but none-the-less beautiful and utterly beguiling. Vines, woods and dark earth baking in the California sunshine.

There are two things to do in Sonoma. The first is to get outside and explore the countryside. Because it’s beautiful. Dreamy hazy movie sunshine beautiful.

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